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I feel extremely grateful today. I’ve just arrived at home and abour 30 minutes ago I got a very huge miracle from God. So here is the story. I just bought a new Reebok running shirt using a discount voucher that I obtained from last week marathon event plus 2 retail vouchers of MAP that I received from my office event last Monday. Using all these vouchers, I just needed to pay IDR 10 thousand more to complete the purchase. What a great buying. And I happily went home by taking busway. However at bus stop of Harmoni I accidentally left my new shirt on waiting chair. And I just got realized that I left it behind after I got home. So I asked my father to escort me back to the bus stop and I rushed toward that exact waiting chair on which I had sat before. I found nothing. I walked toward security desk and informed the security person about my case. He helped me to find again my belonging. We walked across that huge bus stop and I happened to see a man holding the exact shopping bag of mine with Reebok picture on it. I hastily rushed toward him and asked whether he found the shopping bag from the waiting chair. He seemed nervous and we all know that if I didn’t find him, he would had brought the bag away. He handed back the bag to me and I said thank you quickly to him. I talked back to the security guy and I informed him that my shirt color is blue and we saw together into the bag and yes it’s super blue. So he believed me and warned me to be more careful next time.

So firstly I really want to say thanks to God that He has blessed me and still allow me having that new shirt. Hopefully this shirt can accompany me during my running or work out activity in near future. Thanks God!!!

Moral of the story : Always look back when you leave anyplace.Be-Grateful


God teach me to cleanse my mind from the hatred.

No matter how people try to ignite my anger, guide me how to resist it.

Let my mind be at serenity and my acts follow your path.

As You always teach us to love each other, as You always forgive everyone who wants to repent. Teach me the same wisdom to follow your path.

I will not let this hatred ruin my strive toward glory.


The Fun, the Busway and the Pain

Holaa,, after 2 years I didn’t update this blog, today I found several things I want to record here. I started today with a stint of pain on my knees. This was the after-effect of my first 10K marathon run with 2 college friends. Here is a snapshot of my small triumph last Saturday night:


Forget about the IronMan pose in the middle. It was just a headlamp that luckily fitted my chest (which means I need to build more muscle here ). Anyway,, today I had a full day sharing of joy of marketing team. I’m not part of marketing team, but I’m invited anyway :). Despite the pain, I really enjoyed the activity today at a restaurant inside Ancol.

During the sharing of joy activity my marketing peers performed to be a girl band. And one of them really really has an outstanding voice. Jaw-dropping. Too bad our team didn’t win the tournament, but we were selected as the most favorite though :D. I believe she could make her fortune by joining a singing contest.

Now about the busway. Yeah, today evening Jakarta was filled with huge rain. I got trapped in my office during the heavy rain so that I ordered foods to be delivered to my desk. When I decided to go home using busway  the traffic was so horrible. Especially at Roxy where there was a deadlock at the intersection (It’s been several times happen every time I go through here). It took 5 times of green-yellow-red cycle and no vehicle movement at all during about 15 minutes. This aggravated my pain on my knees because of course I stood inside the bus. Oh Jakarta, when will your mind-boggling traffic jam issue be solved? That’s why I hope one day I could move to more peaceful city where traffic jam is a not at its dictionary :). Amen.

First Month of Internship

A lot of things I’ve learned during my first month of internship at Unilever. Mostly I learned about supply chain, a division where I’m currently being assigned. But what’s important too is I learn about friendship. ULIPers, they said, but I prefer to call them my comrades. A lot of people have helped me since I joined this internship. From showing me the structure of organization to simple thing such as using office printer.

However, the fervent vibe exists when we gather together; being it lunch at canteen or having dinner and watching movies. The exchange of laugh, joke, or story or even gossip, all mix to be a great chemistry among us. Up to this time, three of my ULIP friends have finished their internship. I’m glad to have Marvel, Aris and Cheryl as my friends here. No, not just here, I believe we’ll be friend for a long time ahead.

Still, I have 2 months ahead of internship and I know I have a great group of ULIPers I can’t forget for the rest of my life.

Rogers pcb board

My final project requires me to use a RF PCB board which is not available to buy in my country (as far as I know). So I decided to order it from one of the most known PCB manufacturers, Rogers Corporation. The project I’ve been worked on (Doherty power amplifier for LTE base station) is based on NXP LDMOS power transistor. From many application notes I read from NXP websites, they use Rogers PCB too. So, I choose to adapt their PCB selection and my option goes to Rogers 4350B.

Rogers claims in its datasheet, Rogers 4350B has a very good microstrip insertion loss which is shown in great detail here:


At my power amplifier operation frequency (1.8 GHz), the loss is about –0.05 dB/in. Compare this to a FR-4 PCB (which is very easy to find) that has –0.15 dB/in loss. So I’m quiet sure that my decision is correct.

At first I got confused about how to order it online. Together with my lecturer, we tried to find it from DigiKey but we couldn’t find any. Several days later, my other lecturer suggested me to order it directly from Rogers website. I browsed the site and I found a part where we can order a sample (free). Then I found this University Program from Rogers that requires us to register our University in order to get a sample for University academic purpose. So I began the registration process online. The response was pretty fast. At exactly the same day we registered, my lecturer got an e-mail from Rogers Corporation at USA with the order number already. Wow. Later on we got e-mail from Rogers subsidiary at Singapore (I think because its closer to my country). Hence, we contacted this officer from Rogers Singapore about our order.

I asked the officer when will our order be ready to be delivered. He said that it requires about 10 days for the PCB board to be manufactured. Wow, that must be a very state-of-the-art one. After almost 2 weeks waiting I contacted him again about our order. Then he said we need to send a DHL account for them to ship. At that time I think it’s not a difficult task to find any DHL account in my campus. I was wrong. It took about 5 days for me wandering around ask any people I know about DHL account. None of them has it. OK, then I asked the Rogers officer whether a FedEx account can be used. The answer was yes, so I immediately send him the FedEx account I got from my lecturer. It was Friday evening that made me think the order would be processed the next day. I waited till Tuesday and tracked my order through FedEx web, and I got it had been processed since I sent the FedEx account. This a great response from FedEx. Finally my order arrived at Tuesday (from California on Friday evening) and it was packaged really nice. Thank you Rogers for sending us the sample. Thank you FedEx for the extraordinary delivery service. Now what I need to do is to deal with whole implementing stuff with this Rogers PCB in order to finish my final project.

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