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The Kickoff

It’s a long time before I realize this wordpress blog. In my previous blog I babbled a lot about movies. This time I’ll try to express many of my minds in this new blog. I’m gonna post about my major (electrical engineering), my debating experience, or anything come across my mind. Hope you enjoy it!

While writing this first post, I’m watching a football match between Indonesia versus Malaysia. The match is intense (as it should always be). One thing that ring in my mind is about my friend’s facebook post this afternoon about an article made in kompasiana of  how Indonesia’s supporter booed the national anthem of its opponent in badminton match. I said “wow” that’s pretty disgraceful. Not only at badminton game, many times in football games the supporter at Gelora Bung Karno stadium boo the opponent’s national anthem (especially Malaysia). I try to verify this at this night game. And it’s really true. The supporter kept using their trumpet to make noise and disturbed the Malaysia’s national anthem.

And I said, the Karma came when just several minutes ago, we lost in the penalty shoot-out. 4-3 is the penalty score. A very close result. But I think it’s not the time to put a blame on Ferdinand Sinaga or Gunawan Dwi Cahyo who missed their penalty kick. It’s not also a blame for Indonesian supporters’ disgrace behavior. Unnecessary, I think, the misconduct of them. In fact, I’m not trying to link this lose to the word “Karma”, but this tragedy shows that no room for ridicule even when we win the game. Now, that we lose it, it should silence those shameful supporters.

Hope in the next event, we can be a much more friendly host. Congratz for the “Garuda Muda” who has shown unceasing determination during the game.

The Malayan tigers were exhilarated by their success to grab the champion title


2 responses

  1. “This time I’ll try to express many of my minds in this new blog.”
    But your last 2 post are about movies again. It’s difficult to change habbit. Hehe

    December 10, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    • Well, those posts were also parts of my mind… LOL

      December 10, 2011 at 7:01 pm

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