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Bashar Assad, the next Gadhafi?

I’ve never heard before, a Middle East country’s president being so ostracized by his very neighbors in the region. Bashar al-Assad, the current president of Syria is that culprit. Since the opposition movement in the country launched its huge protest in March this year, 3,500 people have been killed, according to United Nations (link). Human-rights monitors mentioned that the number is 400 this month (link). The chaos is diffusing, from the capital city, Damascus, to Homs and Idlib in the north-west to Hama. The more Assad attempts to defy the protest, the more the rebellious tide runs against him. Last week, the Arab League decided to suspend Syria’s membership. Only Lebanon and Yemen kept voting in favor of it.

The worst part is, the hostile punches are coming from the other members. Algeria and Sudan voted against Assad. King Abdullah’s of Jordan has frankly suggested Assad to give up. But the bigger upper-cut comes from Saudi Arabia, who has long ago opposed Assad. Even Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has criticized Assad’s statement of  ‘Syria will not bow down‘ by comparing his conduct to that of Gadhadi’s one. He claimed that Assad’s statement is similarly the same like the one Gadhafi had mentioned. Yet Erdogan said that Assad can be killed in the same way by being that resistant towards his people. Turkey is now a close friend of Syrian National Council (SNC), the main opposition mover, and even has threaten to cut off electricity to northern Syria.

The clobbering doesn’t end there. British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, arranged a meeting with the chairman of SNC. Hague mentioned that ‘I think the Assad regime will find that more and more governments around the world are willing to work with the opposition‘. It’s a crystal clear then, that the West is also demanding the same. Assad’s resignation and the establishment of new government. The situation is pretty different with the withdrawal of Papandreou of Greece and Berlusconi of Italy from their last office. Besides their resigning is much more peaceful than Gadhafi’s one, there was almost no bloodshed following their stories. Now, Bashar must be thinking which way of withdrawal he would like to choose. The same with those ex-European leaders’ way or Gadhafi’s style.


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