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Ryan Gosling’s Overrated Movies

These two movies (I bet you know the titles already) seem to be great and worth to give a punch among all movies this year. But if I ponder it myself further, I think they deserve clear lower credit. Let’s just jump to the first one.

This movie is the one with huge overrating. It scores 8.1 in IMDB. What a shame. The plot is quiet simple. Not so complicated. But what makes it flopped is that it’s very easy (at least for me) to predict the next scenes. You have this guy of psycho personality who worked as  a driver for action movie. He doesn’t talk a lot which I think  was the strategy of the director to deliver a portray of non-talking hero. However again, it fails. Ryan Gosling‘s face is not psycho enough for this type of character.

About the action part, it has nothing to compare with most action movies which feature car race scene. Perhaps credit can be given for many of the sadistic way of kill done by Gosling. Still this can’t outweigh the flaw the drama delivers.

Even if you look at the movie poster, it is a vehemently inappropriate design. The font of “Drive” word gives impression that this movie is all about romance along with Gosling’s uncool face at the poster. I personally believe “Drive” deserves 6 instead of 8 rate out of 10.

The second one of Gosling’s overrated movie is The Ides of March. This one is a little bit better than the previous one, albeit this scores lower in IMDB. Again, I’ll start  first from the poster. The two faces of Gosling and Clooney is a poor choice for the content of the movie. The movie is not solely about the competition between the two. Yes it’s about political campaign running for the presidency of United States. But it involved more characters both from the Morris side or the Pullman side, or even the media. If you examine in detail, Clooney played fewer scenes than the other unmentioned players. The title is about the “ides of March” which is about the 15th of March. However this movie only mentioned it once without relating the remaining plot to the title. I mean what’s going to happen on the 15th of March?

Now the plot has been arranged quiet neat from the beginning. Revenge, loyalty, blackmail are the main recipes of any politics movie. However the movies failed to execute its climax with a great touch. I was really wondering what Gosling gonna do with his Steven Meyers role knowing that he was cornered into a complicated position. Well the movie doesn’t satisfy it. At the very end of the movie, when he came into the press room – ready for revealing whatever inside his mind – what you will see is just black screen with “Directed by George Clooney” words. WTF. Poor you Clooney. It’a a very disappointing finishing. I didn’t see any final blow to end the movie perfectly. Now many people believe Gosling deserve to be nominated in the next Oscar – I quiet agree (he performed quiet well in depicting his role here). But the movie being nominated? I completely disagree. Even Clooney doesn’t deserve to be nominated at all with his horrible remark. 6.5 is good score for this movie from me.


2 responses

  1. First, about the Drive movie. It failed my expectation too. I was hoping more action, but it seems the movie’s genre is drama. Too many dramatic effect with orchestra song. Maybe this movie reach 8.1 in IMDB because of the novel where this story taken from. Despite that, i think Gosling played the character very well. The cool guy really suits him.
    The Ides of March is a confusing movie for me. I know nothing about american campaign, and too many jargon i don’t understand. But, what really disappoint me most is the ending. A movie should have a nice ending. By nice i dont mean a good ending, but an ending that didn’t happen in real life. The Ides of March ending is what happen in real life. A man whom his idealist way crushed by the politics. And then he did the same, play dirty.

    February 21, 2012 at 4:13 am

  2. Haha,, thanks for the comment maru. The Ides of March is quiet acceptable, but the Drive is really disappointing for me.

    February 21, 2012 at 7:12 pm

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