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I feel extremely grateful today. I’ve just arrived at home and abour 30 minutes ago I got a very huge miracle from God. So here is the story. I just bought a new Reebok running shirt using a discount voucher that I obtained from last week marathon event plus 2 retail vouchers of MAP that I received from my office event last Monday. Using all these vouchers, I just needed to pay IDR 10 thousand more to complete the purchase. What a great buying. And I happily went home by taking busway. However at bus stop of Harmoni I accidentally left my new shirt on waiting chair. And I just got realized that I left it behind after I got home. So I asked my father to escort me back to the bus stop and I rushed toward that exact waiting chair on which I had sat before. I found nothing. I walked toward security desk and informed the security person about my case. He helped me to find again my belonging. We walked across that huge bus stop and I happened to see a man holding the exact shopping bag of mine with Reebok picture on it. I hastily rushed toward him and asked whether he found the shopping bag from the waiting chair. He seemed nervous and we all know that if I didn’t find him, he would had brought the bag away. He handed back the bag to me and I said thank you quickly to him. I talked back to the security guy and I informed him that my shirt color is blue and we saw together into the bag and yes it’s super blue. So he believed me and warned me to be more careful next time.

So firstly I really want to say thanks to God that He has blessed me and still allow me having that new shirt. Hopefully this shirt can accompany me during my running or work out activity in near future. Thanks God!!!

Moral of the story : Always look back when you leave anyplace.Be-Grateful


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