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The Fun, the Busway and the Pain

Holaa,, after 2 years I didn’t update this blog, today I found several things I want to record here. I started today with a stint of pain on my knees. This was the after-effect of my first 10K marathon run with 2 college friends. Here is a snapshot of my small triumph last Saturday night:


Forget about the IronMan pose in the middle. It was just a headlamp that luckily fitted my chest (which means I need to build more muscle here ). Anyway,, today I had a full day sharing of joy of marketing team. I’m not part of marketing team, but I’m invited anyway :). Despite the pain, I really enjoyed the activity today at a restaurant inside Ancol.

During the sharing of joy activity my marketing peers performed to be a girl band. And one of them really really has an outstanding voice. Jaw-dropping. Too bad our team didn’t win the tournament, but we were selected as the most favorite though :D. I believe she could make her fortune by joining a singing contest.

Now about the busway. Yeah, today evening Jakarta was filled with huge rain. I got trapped in my office during the heavy rain so that I ordered foods to be delivered to my desk. When I decided to go home using busway  the traffic was so horrible. Especially at Roxy where there was a deadlock at the intersection (It’s been several times happen every time I go through here). It took 5 times of green-yellow-red cycle and no vehicle movement at all during about 15 minutes. This aggravated my pain on my knees because of course I stood inside the bus. Oh Jakarta, when will your mind-boggling traffic jam issue be solved? That’s why I hope one day I could move to more peaceful city where traffic jam is a not at its dictionary :). Amen.