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First Month of Internship

A lot of things I’ve learned during my first month of internship at Unilever. Mostly I learned about supply chain, a division where I’m currently being assigned. But what’s important too is I learn about friendship. ULIPers, they said, but I prefer to call them my comrades. A lot of people have helped me since I joined this internship. From showing me the structure of organization to simple thing such as using office printer.

However, the fervent vibe exists when we gather together; being it lunch at canteen or having dinner and watching movies. The exchange of laugh, joke, or story or even gossip, all mix to be a great chemistry among us. Up to this time, three of my ULIP friends have finished their internship. I’m glad to have Marvel, Aris and Cheryl as my friends here. No, not just here, I believe we’ll be friend for a long time ahead.

Still, I have 2 months ahead of internship and I know I have a great group of ULIPers I can’t forget for the rest of my life.


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